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[[New Member]]

New Member here, so, I figured I'd write a little something to introduce myself and let you know about me. Why? Well, mostly because I've got nothing better to do on a Thursday night, and Friday nights are when I go to football games, so I can't so it then.

So a little about me. My name is Jōsh Krystofer. I'm 21 years old, I'll be 22 in October, and the 23 the October after that. I live in North-Centralish Phoenix (near 7th st & E. Bell), and just moved to the valley in July of this year. Before that, I lived at a place called [Arcosanti], in northern Arizona, where I was part of a landscaping crew and a senior docent for about three years. It was fun, it kicked much ass, and whatnot, but after I finished my degree I decided to move to the Valley, and enjoy life in an urban center.

Speaking of which, I am a college educated gay man. I have my Masters from NAU in Vocal Music Performance/Education. I use it in the best way possible, I give voice lessons to highschool & Middle School snot-nosed brats in Scottsdale. It's fun. To make my spending money, I work for [Starbucks] as a Barista and a damn good one at that. To make extra money on the side, when I need it, I'm a contracted cater-bartender.

Hrmm... what else can I say about me? I've been to 37 countries, and all ifty states, except for Texas. I'm hyperactive, and addicted to coffee. Anything else you want to know, just ask me, I'm generally an open book.

(As for the standard issue info: 21/gwm/5'11"/180lb/black&red/green/single-ish)

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